To Buyers

  • Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), World Bank, MDB guidelines & policies compliant
  • Compliant to IT Act, 2000
  • Reduction in procurement costs
  • Enables complete control of the process, including whom and when to award the contract
  • Better control and management of the process
  • Improved supplier relationship
  • Encourages competition amongst suppliers

Add on Benefits to PSU

  • It abides to guidelines given by Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC)
  • It takes the advantage of IT act 2000 wherein supplier can be taken under trial for document digitally signed
  • Instant reports for various hierarchy levels
  • Instant report generation against right to information act
  • Helps to assess performance of different vendors from time to time

To Vendors

  • Provides increased business opportunities to vendors
  • Provides equal opportunity for all vendors to participate in the bidding process
  • Provides 24x7 secured access to tender information
  • Provides automatic notifications